Word Classes

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Microsoft Word is the industry-standard word processing application for people in every field. Its text editing capabilities, which facilitate strong writing, combined with its first-rate formatting features, create a powerful document creation tool. You will be learning from patient, experienced trainers on the current version of the software. Here are the Word for Office 365 classes we offer:

Word Beginning: Your First Document

Three hours, $119
- Getting Around in Word
- Typing and Editing Text
- Formatting Characters
- Preparing to Print a Document

Word Intermediate 1: Tabs, Indents, Graphics and Proofing

Three hours, $149
- Formatting Paragraphs
- Proofing and Improving Text
- Adding Graphics to Documents

Word Intermediate 2: Format with Style Sheets

Three hours, $149
- Using Style Sheets
- Section Formatting
- Automating Text Entry

Word Advanced 1: Track Changes, Tables & Mail Merge

Three hours, $195
- Tracking Changes
- Creating and Using Tables
- Mail Merge

Word Advanced 2: Produce Long Documents

Three hours, $195
- Assembling a Long Document
- Footnotes and Cross-References
- Cover Pages and Reference Tables
- Index and Bibliography